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Abbott's Booby
Red-footed Booby
Brown Booby
Christmas Island Frigatebird
Greater Frigatebird


Abbott's Booby Papasula abbotti

Abbott's Booby is seen in the forested areas along the Murray Road particularly around the LB4 Lookout. They fly quite high and can be seen flying to and from their nest from vantage points around the island.

Abbott's Booby - BirdLife Species Factsheet
Abbott's Booby - National recovery plan

Red-footed Booby Sula sula rubripes
Adult   Adult

Red-footed booby can be found nesting along the road to Lily Beach. Any vantage point across the island will offer good views, can be seen feeding off the east coast.


Brown Booby Sula leucogaster plotus

Brown Booby can be found nesting on the ground on cliffs throughout the island.



Christmas Island Frigatebird Fregata andrewsi
Adult Male   Adult Female

Christmas Island Frigatebird can be found nesting behind the Golf Course. They are regularly seen soaring in the updraughts across the island.

Christmas Frigatebird - BirdLife Species Factsheet
Christmas Island Frigatebird - National recovery plan


Greater Frigatebird Fregata minor minor
Adult Male   Adult Female

Great Frigatebird can be found nesting along the road to Lily Beach. They are permanently in view in good numbers soaring in updraughts across the island.


Lesser Frigatebird Fregata ariel
Adult Male   Adult Female

Lesser Frigatebird has recently started breeding in small numbers and seems to be present throughout the year. They are tricky to ID but can be found with care amongst the rafts of frigatebirds across the island.


Red-tailed Tropicbird Phaethon rubriauda westralis

Silver Bosun nest on the top of the cliffs at Flying Fish Cove and Rumah Tinggi.


Golden Bosunbird Phaethon lepturus fulvus (White-tailed Tropicbird)

Golden Bosun nests in crevices in the cliffs around the settlement.

Golden Bosunbird - Unsuccessful threatened species nomination


Common Noddy Anous stolidus

Common Noddy can be found nesting in the trees on the golf course and seen on the buoys in Flying Fish Cove.